Monday, March 15, 2010

Worst Blogger Ever.

So, I was one of the first bloggers to sign up (number 5, to be exact!) to participate in the Seven Clown Circus Book Exchange, and I was probably one of the LAST bloggers to actually send my books!

It was a neat idea - Angie at SCC asked for those interested to sign up, and then she emailed us individually to get our mailing addresses and to let her know what kinds of books we liked to read.  Then, a few weeks later she sent us the name and email address of a fellow blogger that we were to send four books to.

I got Erin from Days of DiCarolis who lives in Florida!  SO exciting!  It's like having a pen-pal!

Erin was very quick to make contact with me, commenting on one of my posts.  But this is where my new title of Worst Blogger Ever begins to be earned.

I didn't make any contact!  I didn't do anything!  I kind of thought about what books I could send, but I didn't pull them off the shelf or anything!

So then, caught up in my own little whirlwind of craziness, I let the two-week timecap totally escape me.  Before I know it, I get an email from Angie saying something like, "Okay, everyone should have sent out their books and next week I'll be putting up a McLinky so we can see what everyone got!"


I mean sugar!

So today, I stopped making excuses and on my way out the door, I grabbed the four books I had been considering.  I didn't stop to think, "Well, I might want to read this again..." or "I really like having this one on my shelf because it's so colorful..." or "This is my only 'smart person' book!"  I just did it.

Then, I waited until after the lunch hour when I knew the post office would be packed, but before school was out and raced down to the post office and sent Erin's books on their way!  I hope they have a happy life in Florida.

Here is a sneak peek of what I sent:

And here is the SUPER cute mailing label I made and note I wrote to Erin:

And here is the reward I got myself on the way back to work from the post office:

This was such a cool idea, Angie!  I hope I didn't ruin everything!


  1. That is a cool idea. Perhaps you can tell us about the books you sent to Florida in a future post...

  2. FUN idea! So does someones send you books? How do you know you won't get books you've already read (for example I've read the top 3 books in your stack.) OMG~ JFK Jr., my man! Adored him! Gorgeous! :)

  3. I am not real dependable on following through on time (or ever) myself. Don't beat yourself up. Those look like good books. I've read "In her shoes" and loved it.

  4. Sounds like a great idea! A good way to recycle books. Although I have a hard time parting with most of them because I just might want to read them again someday! Dorky, I know!

  5. Sooo excited!!
    I am a slow blogger too and yours should be there soon!!!
    AKA- sent out yesterday!