Friday, March 19, 2010

I'm Lovin' It Friday!

It's here.  It's finally here.  Friday.  And thus, my first official I'm Lovin' It Friday post.

I feel like there should be a moment of silence or some fireworks or something.

But I'm weird like that.  So, what am I lovin' right now?

The Celebrity Apprentice.

It just started last week, and I have requested that my mom record it on Sunday night and that she cook me dinner and I come over and watch it after work on Mondays.  Should I be scheduled to work on Monday, I might just watch it live Sunday night.

I have loved this show since it first began!  I love so many things about it:  The cool tasks, The Donald, George and Carolyn and now Don and Ivanka (how classy is that broad?!?), the crazy team dynamics, ALL OF IT!

The lovely Ivanka Trump

The dashing Don Trump.

The Celebrity Apprentice is a really interesting concept, but I don't like it quite as much.  I feel like the celebrities could completely blow off the task, but hit their rich friends up for cash and win.  I haven't seen too many instances of that, but I think it could totally happen.

And last season, I was totally on Team Rivers.  That Annie Duke can rot in Hell.  Okay, I don't hate her that much, but I was VERY pleased that Joan kicked her little lying ass.  Oops!  I mean hiney.

This season, I'm really lovin' me some Brett Micheals.  I've always liked Brett, I'm a Rock of Love fan, as well as a Poison fan.  I think he just keeps it real.  He's not trying to be anything he's not - he knows who he is, what his fans think of him, and he owns it.

The other men are all pretty cool, with the exception of Rod Blagojovich.  That man is absolute scum and I hate the thought of giving in to his attempts to sway the public opinion of him by appearing on prime time television.  I really, really dislike him.  I think he's slimey.

The women are an interesting bunch.  Cindy Lauper and of course Sharon Osbourne are the power players - simply because they are easily recognized.  But they've got some lesser-known women who, I have a feeling, we might want to keep an eye on.  Sommer Sanders is too stinkin' cute - I remember her hosting all kinds of kid's shows on Nickelodeon and stuff.  She has a little experience in just about everything...I think she could be a force.

Anyway, I don't want to give away any spoilers because we're only 1 episode in and you can totally watch it at NBC and catch up and be all set to go at 9p on Sunday!  I can't wait!!

-Grace's Mom


  1. you know, I've never watched this.....I used to watch the original Apprentice....I may have to check this out!!

    Thanks for linking up and have a great weekend!

  2. I like Celebrity Apprentice- not sure It would be in my love category though lol.

    I do like Sommer and I need to google that Rod Blagojovich guy because I don't know what he did? I must be living under a rock- or maybe I will remember hearing about him- we'll see- I'm googling him next =P

    It's almost Sunday! or Monday in your case. Happy watching! =]

  3. I'm going to have to watch it online. I like the cast of celebrities this year but I missed it on Sunday night because I have a standing date with the housewives!

  4. TidyMom - It's not too late! It's a different twist, but I just love the tasks they have to do, and where you would sometimes have a "priss" on The Apprentice who didn't want to ruin her manicure, now you have an entire cast of people who are used to being waited on! Makes for some darn entertaining TV!

    Theresa, you will know who Rod Blagojovic is once you look him up...he was the Governor of Illinois. He's almost as evil and shameless as Bernie Madoff.

    Cindi, those Housewives are a tough group to pass up! But that's one that I watch online! Haha!

  5. I can't get into it, but my husband is hooked!

  6. When it 1st came out my grand kids were really into it so I watched it a few times with them. now though I don't get to watch regular TV as hubby hates commercials!!! Great post! Have fun with my daddy & unlce!!!

  7. I kind of gave up on this show a while back .... but you're kind of making me rethink that.

  8. Haven't watched this one yet!! Might have to check it out.