Monday, February 1, 2010


I have been MIA lately - a lot going on! 

My husband is looking at a new job opportunity that might mean relocating.  Hubby isn't known for his follow-through, so I think we might have finally struck up a deal that will be very difficult, but will provide me with a sense of security before I abandon everything I've come to love about our current life.

We live very close to my family; the new job would be in the same town as his family.  We both commute to the same town to work - it costs us a pretty penny in gas every month because we work totally opposite hours and thus cannot commute together.

There is just so much to consider!  I have never been in this situation before.  I really like my jobs, we have a wonderful childcare provider (which is absolutely priceless in my book) and my mom watches Grace whenever we need her.  Those are things you just can't take for granted!

On top of all this, I'm smack-dab in the middle of volleyball season.

My girls really brought it to our tournament last weekend.  It was two long days of volleyball, and unfortunately it ended on a pretty sour note, but I'm looking forward to really being competitive next weekend. 

I have a Relay for Life meeting on Wednesday of this week; I'm looking forward to meeting the other chairpeople and figuring out how I can contribute to making this year's event a huge success! 

Should be a busy, busy week - as always!

Oh, and today I took my Real Age quiz again.  I did one when I was 21, and my real age was a year or two younger.  My birth age is 26.8, my real age is 28.5.  LAME!  My friend asked what I was going to do about it.  I told her, "I'm not going to change anything.  I'll just plan on dying about two years earlier than I originally planned."  If you have never calculated your Real Age, DO IT!  It only takes a few minutes and it gives you some great tips about being the healthiest you.

 This is just a random picture that I found - pretty sure I had just had a baby, and was around a size 14!  These days, I'm rockin' a size 2-4 for the first time in my life - take THAT Real Age! 

-Grace's Mom


  1. Moving is a BIG deal, good luck with that decision. And my husband is bad at following through, too. It drives me crazy!! Way to go getting to size 2-4, wow!

  2. Gosh you are cute!! And if you are rocking a size 2 to 4 after having a kid, my hats off to you!!! I'm "rocking" a size 12 (if I'm lucky). HAHA!

    And you do have a lot going on ... big decisions to make. I don't envy you -- it can be hard to make these kinds of choices sometimes.