Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wish List cont.

Well, nothing to cross off my Wish List yet.  But maybe with that sure-to-be-large tax return?  A girl can hope.

Here is the full Wish List:

1.  Kindle + accessories (refer to first Wish List blog)
2.  Hair-on-hide picture frame.
3.  Western decor for spare bedroom.
I LOVE for awesome western decor and apparel!

4.  Square toe cowgirl boots.
5.  Barrel racing saddle.
6.  "Bling" tack.
7.  Saddle blanket for my Okie horse.

I love this Okie horse.  He deserves his own, special, SUPER bright saddle blanket!  Not Skyler (other horse) hand-me-downs, like the turquoise one pictured.

8.  Trip to Phoenix in May. (refer to first Wish List blog for details)
9.  Sterling Silver cowgirl ring.
10.  Coach "Hailey" handbag.

I really love having a hands-free handbag now that I'm also toting around a toddler - the Hailey bag comes with a long, removeable cross-body strap and a shorter shoulder strap!  Plus, the inside is BRIGHT purple!  So it matches my new blackberry!
11.  "Bling" watch.
12.  Sunglasses - I lost mine on a trek through the jungle in Puerto Vallarta!
13.  Frame for canvas wedding picture.

This is not the exact picture that we have on canvas, but we have a very nice print that has been sitting in a FedEx box for...almost 4 months now.  It needs to be on the wall!  Look how pretty we are!
14.  Appliances. (refer to first Wish List blog for details)
15.  Bathroom mirror.

My current bathroom mirror is cracked right down the middle.  Imagine how pretty I would look every day if I got ready with a mirror like THIS!

16.  Bigger TV.  I hear bigger is always better. ;)

-Grace's Mom


  1. Love the picture frames! we always want stuff for our horses.

  2. I love that you posted pictures of things you want...You remind me of ME when I was little I used to spend HOURS going through the JC PENNY catalog (with a pen) circling things that I wanted! Hee! Hee!