Friday, February 5, 2010

Facebook users have been posting what their names mean according to all week - mine was too good to not blog!

Keep in mind, I put in my real first name, but for blogging purposes I have replaced it with "Grace's Mom."

1.  Grace's Mom
A beautiful and talented young women who is capable of singing, dancing, and looking great. Grace's Moms are known to be tall, kindhearted, and extremely witty.

A word of French Origin.

Wow, your name is GRACE'S MOM? You must be tall, beautiful, and dance like an angel!

Try to be act like a Grace's Mom, will you?

2.  grace's mom
an alien from the planet pluto. she has a wonderful voice and many boys fall for her. she eats mexicans.

casey: yo, im dating grace's mom.

Hahahaha!  Isn't that hilarious?  Okay, so then I had to check out Grace.
3.  Grace  Beauty, sunrises, singing birds, blossoming flowers. All those things that remind us why life is worth living.

Heaven on earth. A star to light your life.
Okay, so I skipped to the best one about Grace.  But I think that totally defines her, and I'm going to stitch it on a pillow!


  1. I did this, too, but didn't want to post w/my real name. Never thought of substituting (duh!). UD cracks me up.

  2. I'm so going to have to do this. It sounds fun!

  3. LOL how fun! I have seen those posts but haven't tried it out yet! I too think you should stitch that on a pillow - how sweet!!