Wednesday, February 3, 2010


This is one of the best meme questionaires I have ever seen, so I just have to take part!

A little background:  I somehow happened upon the very entertaining blog VodkaMom, and she was taking part in this meme.  Apparently, a site called is doing a little research on parenting in the digital age.  They have several moms enlisted to tweet about digital parenting.  It's a pretty interesting concept.  If I used Twitter more, I would be very fascinated to follow these tweets.  If you are interested in checking them out, just look for the hashtag #momspotting.  Or, read the blog here.

Anyway, BlogHer wants to know how normal, everyday moms use technology to interact with her family.  This meme is another way of looking for trends. 

Therefore, I feel it is my civic duty to educate BlogHer on how I use the digital age to raise my daughter.  Here we go!

1. Which expensive electronic device do you most often let your older children abuse?

My child is 13 1/2 months old...but that does not stop me from giving her my new blackberry when ever she wants it.  She also has free access to my old blackberry which I keep charged for her.

2. How many take-out restaurant numbers do you have programmed into your phone?

Two.  One for a teriyaki place that always takes a long time, another for one of my favorite mexican restaurants.

3. How many hours of television do you so totally not let your kids watch a week?

I encourage my daughter to watch TV!  She's not interested yet.  But I can't wait for the day that she will sit still for 20 minutes, totally engrossed in a program and I can organize under the sink, clean the china cabinet, or do some other project that I don't really want Grace's help with...but right now she is way more interested in helping me with everything.

4. Do you think people who say “we don’t watch television” at playdates but really mean “we just watch DVDs” are lying liars from Liarville?

You betcha.

5. How many miles have you driven with your child and not one device of electronic entertainment in a single car trip?


6. What’s your record for calls to the pediatrician or Ask-a-Nurse in a single day?

Two.  But I also have some close friends and family who are nurses, so I have called each of them in a single day...and maybe sent a follow-up email after that.

7. What’s the sexiest thing your husband/partner could text you after a hard day?

Babe, I got you a massage appointment after work and they will have Starbucks coffee waiting for you.  Dinner is in the oven and Grace has had a bath.  See you at home!

8. What’s your favorite iPad joke?

I haven't heard any iPad jokes...I feel like the joke is on me!

9. What’s the dumbest parenting tool, gear, gadget or device you ever bought?

My husband bought a bottle sterilyzer and melted all of our bottles into one giant, plastic heap.

10. How many years will it take for your child to become more tech-savvy than you?

About 2 more years.  She already re-programs the TV and we can't figure out what she's done, and she pulls up screens on the computer that we have never seen before.  Baby Genius, I'm telling you.

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