Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Tomorrow is Grace's first day of pre pre-school.

I am beyond anxious.

I will take my anxiety out on my volleyball girls tonight so that I can get a good night's rest and be a cool cucumber tomorrow for my Tot.

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  1. What is pre-preschool exactly? Is it like nursery school? Whatever it is, it sounds like a milestone... take a kleenex. My oldest is in 1st grade and this is the 1st year that I didn't cry on the first day. He went to a 1 day/wk nursery school for 2 years, real pre-k for 1 and then kindergarten and I cried every time. Good luck!

  2. Pre Preschool is Grace's new childcare facility, but they really run it more like a school than a daycare. Since Grace was 6 weeks old, she has stayed with Nanny, and we have loved her. But I need more help, and Nanny can't watch Grace the long hours that I need.

    The adults at this new place are great, but what if the kids don't like Grace? What if they think she is a weirdo and they pick on her? I will be devestated.

    Good tip on the kleenex. I'm adding that to my list!

  3. You are too cute! They will like her! What's not to like? She's a doll! I am curious to see what they are doing with the young children. I am a bit of an expert at preschool, so if you want, keep me posted and I'll let you know what I think! :)

  4. So Grace's Mom is a little anxious? Well, Grace's Nana is a lot anxious! What if Gracie asks for a drink out of their cup and they say, "No, no, Gracie."? What if they dont give her a treat when she wants it? What if they dont let her sit on their laps with her blanket after her nap?
    I am glad that we have PC Pony Girl to help us evaluate this pre pre school.