Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fun With Lists

New friend Relyn (pronounced Ruh-lyn) at Come Sit by My Fire is following the inclination of a few fellow bloggers and has pledged to blog one list per week for the rest of the year.  (Read Hula Seventy's blog where she makes the list pledge here!)

The mere idea of posting a list on my blog every week kind of feels like a cop-out!  I mean, how fun and easy is that?!  Haha!  I am a list fanatic.  My poor husband is not a huge fan of the list.  Probably because I have lists for everything.

For instance, when I first read Relyn's post about making a list, my thought was, "Oh man!  I can't wait to make a list of all the things I'm going to list on my blog!"  Wow.  Really?  Kind of sad.

Sometimes I think I need to remind myself to stop listing and start doing.

At my first job, I took 15 minutes at the end of every day to start listing things I needed to do the next day.  I quickly learned that I didn't want to be that organized and structured at that job because I wasn't busy enough - I needed to flounder a little just to pass the time!


My family and I used this website,, to stay organized.  We sync our calendars, make shopping lists that can be texted to our phones or emailed to us, and we can send each other messages!  It's great having it be web-based because we can access it almost anywhere!  But the point it - look at my sweet list!  It lets you leave crossed-off things on it so you can see that you are accomplishing things.  I don't like it when things just disappear from your list.  I need to see it crossed off.

So, lets see.  What will I list?  I've already listed some of my Wish List items (look at that!  I'm a week ahead of the curve!) but I have some more items to add to that list.  I could list movies all day long.  Same with TV shows.  I could list all kinds of random things.  I think for my first (well, technically second if you count the Wish List blog!) list, I will stick with something simple:  My Favorite Things About Coaching 14 Year Old Girls.

Here goes:
1.  They talk faster than that guy who used to do micromini commercials.
2.  You don't have to spend time conditioning them, they are all size 2s and look darling in their little spandex and they will never be in better shape than they are right now.
3.  They are all potential babysitters.
4.  They aren't "too cool" yet, they are just cool enough that they can still laugh at themselves.
5.  They have more energy all the time than I have on my best caffeine high.
6.  They aren't cynical yet.
7.  They haven't started to drive, so they still feel like kids, not entitled teenage brats.
8.  They do really cute and creative things with their hair that I try to imitate at times.
9.  They keep me hip and young and informed with the tween hollywood drama.
10.  I really do coach an exceptional group of girls and I would be thrilled if my daughter turned out like any one of them.  Well, maybe not one...there's always one.


Okay, can't wait for my next list!  I think it will be harder for me to do them only once a week rather than making sure I squeeze in one per week.  Yikes.

-Grace's Mom

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  1. I love your list. I started laughing when I read your comment about a list of what's great about lists. No kidding. Here's mine:

    1. Keeping lists give you a record of your life.
    2. Marking off lists gives you such clear sense of accomplishment and celebration.
    3. If you pay attention, you'll learn what your true priorities are. For example, if something stays on the list for years, you don't really want to do it.
    4. It's an easy way of capturing all that's in your scattered, racing mind.
    5. Written well, they can be a sort of autobiography.

    So nice to meet you, my friend. Take care.