Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dream Job

The other day, while working at my part-time retail job, a coworker and I got to chatting about what our ideal career would be.  Neither of us is really in a position to take a big risk, career-wise, but we would both really like to!  The only problem is, we didn't have a detailed plan on what we would like to do.  So for about four hours we would randomly shout out business ideas and build them up until we ultimately decided that whatever business plan we were developing would fail for one reason or another.

It's just fun to think about what you would do, if you could do anything in the world...

I have been working in commercial sales for almost three years now.  I really enjoy it, but because I am not a commissioned sales person I don't make a ton of money.  I have tried sales before, and I'm just not good at coaxing people into parting with money they aren't completely sure they want to part with!!  I handle transactional business just fine.  My retail managers love me!  But when it comes to convincing someone to give me several thousand dollars for something they aren't sure they  I have a hard time with that.

You know I had a good day at work when you see the same commercial four times in a 30 minute program!  SORRY!

But, I always thought it would be fun to work for an advertising agency.  I am always included in brainstorming sessions when it's time to pitch a concept to a client.  I'm the girl who comes up with the funny, memorable commercial!  Oh man, I could write a blog all about my HILARIOUS commercial concepts!  Maybe another time.

I also have toyed with the idea of going back to my communications/journalism/marketing roots and trying to do a little PR for a business that I can get passionate about.

 If these women can do it, so can I!  Does vodka come with the title?

Or what if I opened a gift shop?  I could sell cute things and maybe even custom vinyl letters/words/sayings that you put on your wall?

This is not a picture of my house, but I do have some of these in my home, which I acquired by hosting an Uppercase Living party!

I did a lot of research about starting a nanny referral service.  I am in need of a temporary nanny in August (my fabulous nanny is having a baby!) and I am really stressed about finding someone I can trust.  I imagine there are a lot of parents in this situation and I thought I might be able to make a little money with a service that aided in this process.  I jotted down some ideas about finding nannies, running some background checks, and then finding parents and matching them up with qualified nannies.  It sounds really great in theory, but when I got to thinking about what could go wrong, I hit a serious wall.  What if something happened?  What if a nanny I recommended turned out to be less-than-reliable?  What if something awful happened to the child being watched?  Not only would I have to make sure I was covered legally, but I just don't know if I could live with myself.  It makes me sick to even think about it.  So I quickly backed away from that idea.

Maybe, since I have ideas for almost every business in my area, I should walk in to a few and pitch them some marketing or PR ideas and slowly work my way in to my own advertising agency?

Maybe I should go work for Amazon and they will give me a free Kindle just for being an employee!

Kindle...I want you!

Maybe I should be a stay-at-home-mom and focus all my energy on raising the most beautiful, brilliant baby girl in the world?

She got her first lap top around 3 months old...Baby Genius, I am telling you.

The possibilities are just endless.  There are so many different avenues I want to take!  One thing I have learned in the last two years, though, is that fate is pretty good at laying paths out for me, and all I need to do is keep my head up, my eyes open, and a positive attitude - things work out.

-Grace's Mom

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  1. Oh I hear you ... I'm always coming up with ideas for myself and then present them to my husband who finds 8 million things that could go wrong or legal issues or personality flaws in myself that would cause them to fail. If it was easy, then everyone would be doing it. But still ... there has got to be something out there .. it is just a matter of figuring it out.