Friday, April 2, 2010

I'm Lovin' It Friday: Wine Tasting!

I've been 21 for a while now...yikes.  But even though I have grown up in the Columbia Valley of Washington state, I have only been wine tasting a whopping three times!

Seriously, it's like having Disneyland in your back yard, but never going - only if Disneyland had delicious alcohol!

Anyway, a girlfriend messaged me a few weeks ago and wanted a Mommy's Day Out for wine tasting.  I had such a good time and am so anxious to do it again, it is my goal to visit one winery per month for the rest of the year, and I would love to blog every now-and-again about delicious wines I find or interesting wineries that I visit.

So, this Friday, I am absolutely loving wine tasting!

I love the architecture of all the different wineries.  Some even have themes.  I love wine itself.  I love collecting corks.  I love having a modest collection at home.  And I love figuring out what I like and what I don't like.  SO fun!

Here are some pictures from my recent wine tasting excursion, a winery called Hedges.

The amazing cellar.

A barrel...obviously.
The wine library.  When they told us they were showing us the wine library, I actually thought it would be a room with books about wine.  This is MUCH better!

A card catalog for wine, if you will.
Don't tell my hubby but I was SO close to buying a case of wine just for the sweet oak boxes they come in!


  1. We went to my first winery and wine tasting 2 years ago at 43!! LOVED it!!....and you're right, those boxes are beautiful!!

    Thanks for linking up to I'm Lovin' It!! Hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend!

  2. I've never visited a winery b/c I was never into wine... but I have developed a love for it in the last few months. I'm going to have to tour one someday. I wish I had a cellar full of moscato, LOL.

  3. Tidy Mom - Oooh, you just revealed your age on MY blog! :)

    Lady - Spring Barrel Tasting is coming up...there's no time like the present!

  4. Ya...that's my kind of library too!!!

  5. I love wineries. Went on a tour one weekend with some girl friends but oh boy, I have to be careful drinking wine. It can give me migraines. But I do love it! ;)