Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Why I Haven't Been Blogging: A Story in Pictures

Yes, I know I've been MIA for a bit - we have had a very busy couple of weeks!  One thing that I do not have pictures of, but should update everyone on, is that Boo went in to labor a few weeks ago, but sadly none of the kittens survived the very traumatic delivery.  Suffice it to say that Boo is very lucky she was in our home and in our care, or the labor as a barn cat would have been her demise.

I say this as she is racing up and down the hall, chasing nothing in particular.  I can sympathize with her - I remember what it was like to finally be feeling myself again after giving birth to my little girl!

Any who, on with the show!
A visit from the GUncle.

Trapping wild animals.

Channeling Cyndi Lauper with our outfits.

Perhaps a little Spring Barrel Tasting.

A coffee break here and there.

Yard work with dad.

Road trip with my honey.

Mother's Day present.
First oreo cookies.
Trip to OMSI.
That's our heat radiation.  We're HOT.

Playing with our first chalk board.

As you can see, we've been very busy.  And this doesn't even begin to cover the things I've been planning and working on that are yet to come!  We are booked solid from April 24th - June 12.  But I will try to be better about stopping in every now-and-again.  

Now, it is definitely time for SLEEP.

-Grace's Mom


  1. Busy?! I 'm worn out from looking at the photos.

  2. I hear ya!! Busy is the word! I use to get so much down time, now I don't even know what that is.
    Love Grace kenneled up, so darn cute!!
    Sorry to hear about Boo's babies, so sad.

  3. Yes, busy busy! Love the new TV, very jealous. Can't believe none of the kittens survived. Glad that Boo is okay, though!
    Girls just wanta have fun! ;)

  4. WOW! Sounds exhausting! But I hear ya. I feel the same way. SO sorry about the baby kitties. Cuz K is still so handsome at his old age! heehee. Love seeing my baby Gracie. She is so stinkin' cute.

  5. I love the photos! How adorable! Sad about the kitties! But I'm glad Mama is fine.

  6. I'm so sorry the kittins didn't make it, I know you tried hard to help her, But, I'm glad that Boo is doing good. Makes you wish you could communicate with them sometimes huh? She's lucky she has you guys taking care of her. Little Grace is precious, I can't wait to see her again! You guys need to come over here and stay again, when we are here this time! :-)

  7. Grace should sporting a tattoo the next time we see her..she is growing up so fast!!! So sorry about the kitten...that's hard when you are expect a few to be coming home with her!