Monday, December 12, 2011

Okie and Skyler's Winter Home

Two months ago we moved Okie and Skyler to a "winter home."  Our horse set up is not very easy to manage in the winter months - we don't have pasture, so they cost a fortune to feed because they graze all day on very expensive hay!

Anyway, here are a couple of pics of their new digs.

 The boys have a lovely view of the river.

Clearly, Skyler is getting enough to eat. 

 Nana gets a good look at the yellow horse, making sure his coat looks good and checking for scrapes and scratches.

 This is a perfect example of how Okie and Skyler interact...they are in their own space, plenty of grass and room, not even that close, really...

 ...and NO!  Skyler pins his ears and gnaws at Okie - who probably thinks this is Skyler's way of showing him some affection.

 Absolutely gorgeous property.

 Each of them has a stall in the barn and run - they are penned up at night and only let out in the pasture during the day.  Skyler always goes in the right side and Okie only goes in the left side.  I wonder who made that decision?...Skyler...

 The owner has one horse left - a miniature pony stallion she calls Rusty.  He and Okie have become good friends.  He is in a separate pasture, but his stall in the barn is directly across from Okie's so they chat in the barn.

 I can't remember exactly how old little Rusty is - but he's old - near 30?  He looks great for his age!

 Someone went in the it snack time?  Must be, to get both Okie and Skyler's full attention!

As grumpy and independent as Skyler can be, he is always the first to greet me when I show up and I can call to him from the back yard and he almost always answers back.  As we're getting ready to leave, he perks up to listen to see if I'm going to say anything of, I'll be back with apples, Skyler!


  1. OMG! That is beautiful property! They will be so happy there. How far away from you are they? Do you go ride them out there?

  2. I forgot to say....I LOVE okie's mane!

  3. they sure have a nice winter home!how far wawy from your mom's are they??? happy Holidays :)))

  4. What a beautiful place for your ponies!! Merry Christmas!