Saturday, December 10, 2011

Can I say, "Oh My Gosh?"

So, May 10 2010 was my last entry, eh?  Pretty sure my life is completely different now.

First of all, there's this little guy:

His name is Logan Patrick, and he's pretty much the coolest little guy I know.

Logan arrived on September 24, 2011.  I actually spent every minute of 2011 pregnant up until that point - probably a good thing I didn't blog during that time.  Postings about my love of chocolate pudding and hatred toward the folks in Starbucks who always wanted to know when I was due, and then give me their two cents on my size, my caffeine intake, and my plans to continue working - that's what my blog would have consisted of this year.  Keep in mind, these Starbucks people are not friends - they are strangers!  Where do people get the nerve?!?  Moving on.

Another big change:  I recently left my job at the TV station to start a career that will hopefully be a little more family-friendly.  I am going to work for a company called Northwestern Mutual selling life insurance.  This last week I did a four week course that prepared me to take my state license exam.  Sounds pretty boring, right?  It really wasn't!  I thoroughly enjoyed learning the ins and outs of life insurance policies, health insurance policies, and the laws that go with them!  I didn't expect to enjoy the material very much.  I have life insurance, but I never understood it and I didn't really care.  Now, I am excited about it!

With all of these life changes going on, I have decided I need to get uber organized.  I stumbled upon a book that was recommended in some blog, somewhere.  Here it is:

As you can see, this is a week by week guide to getting organized.  One week at a time.  Sounds pretty good to me.

The first section is Organize Yourself.  One of my goals in the first week is to start a journal.  I'm not really a handwritten journal kind of I thought I would give the old blog a whirl.  Not only that, but this is a way I can easily document the changes I make throughout the year!  And maybe this blog will hold me accountable and make me stick with this little program.  Having two kids, an adoring husband, a home, and now working for myself an essentially being a business owner - that's going to call for a pretty high level of organization!

I'm going to officially start the program tomorrow.  I can see nothing holding me back from getting my life completely organized.  


  1. Congratulations on your little boy! That's wonderful. My oldest is Grace and 15 months later, I had Laurence. It's been wonderful since.

    Northwestern is a fabulous company. Our insurance policies are through them. One of our good friends works for them. Good luck!!